If she didn’t jump…

I heard of a womam who killed herself. she was naked. she was hopeless. she was determined. she was falling 20 stories down.

she felt like no one. no one to wonder about her. no one to care for her. no hope for her.
2 seconds and 70 meters later she became that someone.

many people wondered about her. a lot of folks cared for her reasons. they even wished there was hope for her. but there is none.

not because she is no one. but because of people’s timing. if it was just a minute before. if there was just a caring word. if she felt it. if. if. if.

there are too many “ifs” for the dead. they are a hanging sword for the living.

care if you can. if only for the right person. at the right time. even if it’s just for the “ifs”.

[by Daniela Urquidi, 31/05/2018]

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